How to Get a Car Loan With Bad Credit and No Down Payment

How to Get a Car Loan With Bad Credit and No Down Payment

Have you had a credit application for a car turned down by a car dealership or a local bank? You probably would like to know how to get a car loan with bad credit and no down payment. You just stumbled upon an article that will show you just how you can do it.

Getting a car loan without a down payment… if you have bad credit, typically isn’t going to happen at a dealership. If you’ve had a lot of slow or past due payments, or other credit disasters, you’re going to have to go elsewhere to get financed without a down payment.

It’s just a fact – car dealerships are not the best place to get a car loan with bad credit.

You won’t be able to get a no money down car deal at a dealer that has in-house financing. Those buy-here-pay-here places always want cash upfront to finance you. The interest charges are sky high and it’s very inadvisable to use such a place for financing.

Your best option that is available, if you choose…

There are loan service companies online that can match your credit history with lenders that will meet your criteria. There are so many companies that work with people in your situation. These companies have to compete for loan business and it’s common to find that even with major credit tragedies, so to speak, on your credit report, that you can in fact get a car loan with no money down. Even with bad credit.

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