Car Finance – Important Factors to Know

Car Finance – Important Factors to Know

The rate of a car finance loan is not set in stone. There are many influencing factors that determine the rate an applicant is eligible for and the terms that accompany the loan. It is important to be familiar with each of these factors when planning on securing a car loan. If you enter the process feeling informed, you will improve the chances that you will secure the best finance rates possible and never find yourself unable to pay each month based on the repayment plan. There are three main factors that will determine your car finance rate.

Your car loan will fall under the category of secured loans. This means there is collateral if you were to discontinue making your payments. Your car acts as the collateral in this loan instance. Since there is a level of security in distributing this kind of loan, your rates should be lower than if you took out a personal, unsecured loan. If your car finance is intended to purchase a used car, ensure that the lender offers secured loans for used cars as well as new ones because not every financing company does.

The loan term is the next car finance rate factor. It refers to the period of time over which the loan will be repaid by the borrower. The longer term you select, the higher your interest rates will tend to be. Therefore, if you choose a shorter loan term, you will have higher monthly payments because the price of the car is divided among fewer months, but less of what you pay will be interest payments and more will go toward paying off your car. 60-month loan terms are quite common today, but be wary of choosing a car finance option that is longer than 48 months to avoid becoming upside-down-that is, owing more on your car than it is worth.

Nearly every lender today will require access to your credit history. By looking this information up, the lender will determine the level of risk in lending to you. The higher your credit score, the less likely that something will go wrong with your car finance payments. Therefore, the better interest rates you will be able to secure. You should find out your credit score before you apply for a loan. This way, unscrupulous dealers will be unable to lie to you about your credit score and you can get out before they attempt to swindle you again.

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