Bad Credit Auto Finance With No Down Payment

Bad Credit Auto Finance With No Down Payment

How many dealerships have you been to that have turned you down for car credit? I’m guessing three. No really, that’s the average number of dealers that people with credit problems will go to before they start looking for other ways to get a car.

You don’t have to use a dealership to get approved for bad credit auto financing.

Most people were brought up with the old way of thinking. Thinking that you have to use a car dealer to get the best finance rates is out of date. These days, getting your auto financing arranged online with a company that specializes in helping people with bad credit get into the car they want is much easier than getting approved for a car at car lot.

You’ve got two choices.

You can either walk into a dealership, fill out a credit application and wait to get approved, or you can just get online.

Regardless of your past credit problems, you can get approved online easier, have a lower interest rate, lower payments and no down payment easier by using an online lender. You must have a job, be over 18, be a U.S. Citizen and any bankruptcy that you’ve had must be closed (discharged or dismissed). If you meet those requirements, you can get approved.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to shop at online auction sites for a good deal on a car? Wouldn’t you like to be able to shop in the classifieds for a good deal? When you get your financing approved online, you can go shopping with the confidence of knowing how much you can spend. This allows you to focus on the price, rather than the desperate feeling of wanting to get approved.

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